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Pre and Post Natal Services

A range of targeted treatments for all new and expectant mothers as they navigate the highs and lows of motherhood 

Clinical Pilates

Pilates-trained physiotherapists help you gain greater control over your spinal issues and improve fitness

The aim of clinical pilates is to assess the movement and control of the lower back and pelvic region, then use specific exercises to help correct the problem areas. The focus is on teaching the brain to recruit the correct muscle groups to find the correct pattern of movement than on the strength and length of muscles and joints.

Here at Emma James Physio, we have pilates trained physiotherapists ready to assist you with finding greater control over your spinal problems. Our tailor-made classes pinpoint the weak areas of the body and relevant exercises are taught to create a more balanced and injury-free body.

All people wanting to join our classes must first undergo a one-to-one session with one of our trained physiotherapists to assess and diagnose your injury and to talk you through the core principles of pilates. This will allow you to then join our classes with a good knowledge of what you should be aiming to achieve in each session.

Classes are graded by difficulty to accommodate all levels of participants, from beginners through to advanced.

We have a maximum of four people in a session to ensure that you receive the attention you need from our expert, who can offer you one-to-one tailored guidance. 

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Our personal trainers offer exclusive, bespoke pilates classes to help you feel your best, no matter where you are on your motherhood journey

Pilates is becoming more and more popular for pregnant and post-natal women, as it can help you get the most out of your pregnancy and to actually enjoy the feelings of your developing body. As well as strengthening your core and joints, pilates is also very helpful in breathing control and relaxation, which we know is very important in circulation and opening of the lower ribs and diaphragm, often compromised in pregnancy, and a general feeling of wellbeing.

High hormone levels during pregnancy relaxes the ligaments and muscles, loosening joints and often leading to pain in the back, groin or even down the leg. Pilates focuses on strength and core stability as well as posture. It can help tighten the muscles around those joints, thus easing pain and helping prevent the instability developing into further problems such as a disc bulge or chronic pain.

At Emma James Wellbeing, our pilates classes have been modified and developed to individual needs. For example we know that after the first trimester you need to avoid exercising flat on your back so a prop cushion is used in classes. We know that excessive yoga stretches are to be avoided as you are more likely to overstretch during pregnancy due to hormone changes.

Our pilates classes are kept to a maximum of four people so your instructor can ensure your routine is specifically designed for you and your condition.

We offer advice and treatment on how to manage back and pelvic pain during and after pregnancy. We can also help with more delicate issues such as stress incontinence and other pelvic control issues that often develop after pregnancy or surgery in a tactful, sensitive way. 


My Pelvia

A pelvic floor muscle trainer with reactive pulse technology to prevent and treat bladder leakage

My Pelviva is a pelvic floor muscle trainer that uses reactive pulse technology to strengthen the pelvic floor which helps prevent and treat bladder leakage.

At Emma James Physiotherapy we are pleased to be working with Pelviva, an award-winning, life-changing, pelvic floor muscle retrainer that uses a specially developed stimulation programme to treat the symptoms of bladder leakage in women.

The Pelviva treatment programme exercises your pelvic floor muscles to prevent bladder leaks when you laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise and to help you hold on when you urgently need the toilet.

Secret Whispers

This pelvic floor toner features a six-step exercise to strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor fast

Secret Whispers ™ was born after its founder Julie discovered that there were no adequate products available to help improve her pelvic floor and a lack of information available. The importance of pelvic floor exercises is often not discussed and crucially women are not given enough information about it.

Secret Whispers ™ is a pelvic floor toner for women with a six-step pelvic floor exercise to strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor fast. It helps with pregnancy, childbirth, incontinence and bladder control. 

Woman and Child

Bespoke physiotherapy treatments, fitness options, bootcamp, pilates and assessments.

Are you:
Suffering pain or discomfort following exercise?
Not finding the motivation for you/your child to exercise?

Do you have concerns about:
Your health or weight?
Your child’s health, weight or development?
Your child’s growing pains?

With extensive experience in the treatment and wellbeing of women and children of 0-19 years, Emma James Physio has created a succinct and holistic service for mums and their children – from pre-conception all the way up to adolescence. This service is perfect if you are thinking of having a child, currently pregnant, or have children already.

Services offered:
Child obesity & exercise
Children & adult circuit boot-camps
Core & postural analysis
Fitness pilates for women and children
Paediatric physiotherapy
Personalised exercise prescription and advice
Pre and post-natal physio
Women’s health physiotherapy 

Pelvi Power

The PelviPower chair strengthens the pelvic floor after birth, and treats bladder weakness, menopause, back pain, prostatectomy, strengthening, posture and much more.

What is Pelvi Power?

The newly developed Pelvi Power Chair is based on magnetic field stimulation and the bio-feedback of your body. Gentle pulses gradually increase, which signals the nerves to tell the muscles to contract. This causes the brain to recall ALL areas of the pelvic floor as the muscles automatically react to the stimulus. This not only trains and strengthens the muscles, but also makes the brain include them again in its daily movement routine.

Before PelviPower training, the untrained pelvic floor cannot support the organs adequately.
During PelviPower training, the magnetic field waves train and strengthen the pelvic floor.
After PelviPower training the pelvic floor can work properly again.

What and Who is it for?

Bladder Weakness
Bowl Weakness

Recovery of the pelvic floor after birth

Bladder weakness
Tissue Toning
Increased Libido

Increased potency

Back pain

Body Forming

Training is carried out whilst wearing normal everyday clothing
A training session on PelviPower takes 15–20 minutes
The pelvic floor muscles are contracted up to 25,000 times by the magnetic waves. One to two training sessions per week are adequate to achieve effective success.
PelviPower can relax and strengthen your pelvic floor and stimulate better blood flow. After just a few training sessions an improvement is noticeable
During your PelviPower training you are always accompanied by a qualified trainer and receive professional help as required
You receive your personal training card to record all your successes

For further information please visit


Women’s Health – The Mummy MOT

A holistic post-natal assessment recommended for all women following delivery, from six weeks after childbirth onwards

What is a Mummy MOT?
The Mummy MOT is a specialist post-natal assessment recommended for all women following delivery – whether six weeks or many years after. We have a holistic approach starting with a detailed history followed by a musculoskeletal assessment and evaluation. We look at lifestyle issues that can have a major impact on pain and symptoms including sleep, stress and activity levels. We will assess the strength and function of the tummy and pelvic floor muscles to help prevent long-term childbirth related complaints.

Who would benefit from the Mummy MOT?
Women suffering from short and long term pelvic pain
Women in need of Pre and post-natal advice and treatment
Women with perimenopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal conditions and symptoms

Treatment may include the following:
Analysing and correcting any breath pattern disorders, teaching breath work and mindfulness to help relax the pelvic floor.
Releasing trigger points and tight muscles through manual therapy.
Teach patients how to reduce tension in their pelvic floor through specific exercises.
Connective tissue manipulation is often required to reduce myofascial pain and improve blood flow.

Aims of Treatment:
Correct pelvic floor dysfunction
Promote an efficient breathing pattern
Deliver oxygen rich blood to the connective tissue and fascia
Successful elimination of toxins and restoration of normal microcirculation to pelvic floor and vulva area
Improve metabolism and rebalance hormones
Eliminate pain


What does the Mummy MOT include?

One-hour post-natal assessment with a specialist post-natal health physiotherapist
In-depth check of pelvic floor strength and tummy gap

Assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth

A bespoke post-natal recovery programme devised especially for you, your lifestyle and fitness goals. This includes specific and safe post-natal exercises to improve stability, posture and core strength

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