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Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder Wellbeing

What is it?
Hypermobility spectrum disorder is a connective tissue condition characterized by a variety of different symptoms including chronic joint and muscular pain, impaired proprioception and increased joint instability. The classification and assessment of HSD is complex and ever-evolving as more research is being published in this area.

What are the symptoms of HSD?
Hypermobility spectrum disorder symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the musculoskeletal structures involved, the degree of systemic involvement and the impact that both have on a person’s functional ability and quality of life.

Chronic joint pain localised to one area or throughout the body
Poor muscle strength and balance
Poor proprioception and coordination
Joint dislocations, subluxations, tendon and ligament injury
Degenerative changes and bone disease
Gait dysfunction and biomechanical alterations
Cardiovascular symptoms such as low blood pressure or rapid heart rate
Bladder and pelvic floor muscle problems, pelvic organ prolapse
Gastrointestinal problems like constipation and IBS
Chronic pelvic pain
Chronic fatigue
Psychological symptoms like anxiety or depression

What treatment is available for HSD?
Specialised physiotherapy can significantly improve the symptoms associated with HSD.
Biomechanical assessment including AposTherapy and customised orthotics
Strength and balance training
Proprioception and coordination training
Aerobic conditioning
Graded exposure to exercise
Pain management programme

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