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Cancer Rehabilitation Services

LPG body massage, physiotherapy and clinical pilates are among the treatments offered to support you on your cancer journey 


This device is beneficial pre and post surgery and treats issues including pain, scars and cellulite

What is LPG?
LPG Body Massage uses a device that combines deep tissue massage with suction, providing men and women of all ages with natural cell, tissue, joint and muscle treatments to improve their health and wellbeing.

LPG can be used to treat the following concerns:
Pain: the treatments considerably reduce physical signs and symptoms (such as erythema, induration, pain, loss of joint mobility, muscle tensions, stiffness, soreness, etc.) so as to pave the way for a rapid return to an active life.

Scars: the medical endermologie® technique’s draining and de-fibrosing properties allow scars and burn scars to be painlessly worked on at an early stage. First, it helps to eliminate waste so as to effectively drain the tissue and prevents the formation of scar adherences related to fibrosis. Next, this treatment stimulates natural collagen and elastin production to improve the healing process in order to ease pain and restore mobility.

Cellulite: it restores the normal, healthy appearance of the thighs, buttocks, torso, and other parts of the body affected by cellulite. It also tones the skin by activating the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin and reactivates circulatory exchanges.

Heavy leg and water retention: it stimulates the elimination functions as well as venous and lymphatic circulation, mobilising nearly one litre of water* for an immediate feeling of well-being and is safe for use during pregnancy.

Post-operative breast cancer: reduces secondary lymphoedema and inflammation in order to limit the appearance of adherences. Helps stimulate the microcirculation and activate collagen and elastin production to facilitate scarring, minimize pain, and restore mobility.

Excessive weight and obesity: stimulates natural lipolyse to break down fat, especially the most resistant kinds of fat and tones the skin loosened by weight loss.

Pre and Post surgery: helps prepare and soften skin tissue to limit side effects and complications, facilitate the procedure, and thus maximise surgery’s success. After the operation, the treatment’s draining effect allows edema and bruises from the surgery to be absorbed more quickly. Simultaneously, the LPG treatment head stimulates the cells of the dermis (fibroblasts) so as to restore skin suppleness and elasticity and promote healing.


Cancer Rehabilitation

Maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength and improve body confidence and control

Optimal health is far more than just the removal of disease or mechanical dysfunction. The role of the therapist is to guide, facilitate and motivate you to become a better, more efficient self, whatever your treatment journey and outcome.

The programme is delivered by certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists and provides a full range of services designed to care, support and guide women through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

The PINC rehabilitation programme is chronologically formatted into four phases. The timing of each phase is dependent upon the person’s physical condition, the length of the healing process, the type of surgery involved and the courses of adjuvant treatments.

Pre-op Phase – is designed to help patients before their cancer surgery. It involves a pre-op assessment and education to identify any factors that may affect recovery from surgery and return to work. A pre-op rehab plan will be devised for each individual which will include specific exercises to strengthen muscles and improve stamina; education and functional guidance.

Post-op Phase – is designed to assist in the healing process of patients who are recently post surgery. It aims to restore strength and flexibility to particular joints and muscle groups that have become weak and inflexible as a result of surgery. Includes manual physiotherapy and gentle modified exercises to maximise recovery from surgery, education and functional guidance for home and work.

Adjuvant Cancer Treatment Phase – designed to improve energy levels and maintain health during cancer treatments to reduce the impact on physical functioning and overall conditioning. It aims to help patients manage fatigue, flexibility, strength and stamina to reduce time off work, muscle wasting and functional impairment. In addition to focusing on stretching and strengthening exercises for the upper and lower extremities, it contains workouts to improve abdominal strength and spinal stability; education about fatigue management, home and work-based modifications and cardiovascular exercise.

Fitness Phase – Designed to facilitate overall conditioning to increase physical stamina after treatments are completed. It aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility to increase endurance, elevate the metabolism, and improve muscle tone and body composition. The exercise selection focuses on improving physical functioning to maximise recovery to return to work, and live a full and productive life. Education on fatigue management, return to work, sport and leisure activities. 

Cancer rehabilitation physiotherapy can help you in a number of ways:
Optimise physical and functional recovery
Ease pain and muscular tension
Regain strength and mobility
Increase energy levels and improve breathing
Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
Improve physical functioning and maintain independence
Reclaim body confidence and control
Reduce treatment related side effects
Shift focus from illness to wellness 

Our services include:
Manual physiotherapy
Physical and functional assessments
Individualised Clinical Pilates
Fatigue management
Resistance training
Exercise prescription 

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